Singapore, being a gastronomic haven, has been a melting pot of culinary cuisines since 1819 and soy sauce has been an inseparable key ingredient of our food for our people.


As we celebrate the Singapore Bicentennial this year, marking our 200th anniversary, we have specially brewed this limited-edition exquisite soy sauce gift. Each drop of soy sauce is naturally brewed for 9 months and further aged for 200 days.


Xi Yao” which means Soy sauce in Cantonese is synonymous with “Always Abundant”. An auspicious gift for your clients, it is a one-of-a-kind gift that can be enjoyed by all in the family. It conveys an appreciation for good health and builds upon the time-honored values of tradition, integrity and trust.


Every bottle is bottled on demand and it can be customized to your company’s specifications.


Red bottle contains Virgin Light Soy Sauce aged 200 days

Purple bottle contains Virgin Dark Soy Sauce aged 200 days


Volume: 600ml per bottle

Product of Singapore


Singapore Bi-Centennial Special

  • This Gift enjoys Free Delivery within Singapore