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Discover the Nanyang Difference


With over sixty years of heritage, our soy sauce is traditionally fermented over nine months using seasoned vintage terracotta dragon vats and not fiberglass or concrete tanks


Using a nine month artisan secret family recipe and not a one day chemical hydrolysis, Nanyang Sauce is 100% handmade, not machine-made and thus has a real umami taste and enjoys the best ratings online


We select only the best Organic and Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO) whole soy beans from around the world and not defatted soy beans which means Nanyang Sauce is not only tastier but healthier

Nanyang Virgin Twin Pack
the secret is in the sauce

Founded in 1959, Nanyang Sauce has been used by top restaurant chefs and home chefs alike for generations.

Pleasing to the delicate palate of experts, every bottle of Nanyang Sauce is hand-brewed and bottled to ensure the freshness and standards are met. Each drop of sauce is made from the best 100% non-GMO soy beans naturally brewed under the sun for nine months to create a thick, dark goodness with a rich aroma that is distinctly Nanyang. 

What makes a delicious dish?

A good chef, fresh ingredients and a secret sauce!

enjoy a healthier sauce

Organic and Non-GMO Soy Beans are low in fat and contains no cholesterol. They are rich in soy protein which contains all essential amino acids.  Natural Soy Beans are an excellent source of fiber and lowers the risk of coronary heart disease. Containing anti-oxidants, soy beans have been scientifically proven to have anti-carcinogenic properties

Sadly, mass-produced soy sauces these days are no longer made from traditional, artisan, natural soy beans but instead made via chemical hydrolysis because it is faster and cheaper and more profitable

With Nanyang sauce, we still make our sauces today the same way as we did more than 60 years ago. We will continue to strive and preserve a vanishing craft. We welcome you to taste our difference with a Healthier and Tastier Umami Soy Sauce

Nanyang Bicentennial Gift Set
Brands for Good Award - Nanyang Sauce

Brands for Good Award 2019

for Environmental Sustainability

by Brands for Good & IPOS Society in recognition of our efforts embracing ESG by using natural fermentation

Stewards of Intangible Cultural Heritage - Nanyang Sauce

Stewards of Intangible

Cultural Heritage Award 2021

by National Heritage Board in recognition of our cultural heritage craft of traditional soy sauce 

Made with Passion - Nanyang Sauce

Made with Passion 2023

by Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore in recognition of our passion & dedication in artisan soy sauce

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