Sauce Academy
Sauce Appreciation Workshop

How do you identify a good sauce? What is the umami taste? Just like wine or tea, sauce is to be appreciated! Sign up for this unique experience where you engage all your sensory senses through sauce appreciation

60 minutes

Sauce Pairing Workshop

A unique workshop where you get to pair sauces with various types of food with chicken, noodles, eggs etc. Learn how the different combinations of sauces taste and how you can experiment more with dipping sauces next time you eat out

90 minutes

Sauce Profiling Workshop

An interesting workshop where you undergo taste profiling and blend your own sauce as an individual or a team! Each person makes a bottle of their personalized custom blended sauce with a unique label as a gift for your special someone

120 minutes

Sauce Making Workshop

A unique workshop where you get to learn and DIY

(Do it yourself) to make soya sauce from soya beans. Bring home a jar of soya beans and watch it ferment

A truly artisan experience not to be missed.

150 minutes

Sauce Culinary Workshop

Culinary experience where you learn how to cook local delicacies of Singapore such as Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, Noodles, Dim Sum, etc. Learn how to prepare your ingredients, control the fire and hone your sense of timing next time you cook!

180 minutes

Experience a vanishing craft today! Connect with Us to arrange for an exclusive workshop at our sauce brewery or sauce boutique