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Nanyang Sauce Academy
Artisan Sauce Making Livestreaming Workshop
  1. Receive an exclusive Artisan Sauce Making Kit delivered to your home

  2. Identify what is Umami taste and the 5 tastes

  3. Uncover the secrets of making traditional artisanal soy sauce

  4. Find out about the history of Nanyang Sauce

  5. Have a taste of 7 of Nanyang Sauce's artisanal sauces

  6. Discover difference between commercially produced soy sauce and handmade soy sauce

  7. Learn techniques how to identify naturally fermented soy sauce

  8. Realize the difference between the different grades of Soy Sauce

  9. Enjoy a memorable livestreaming workshop experience in the comfort of your home and participate with your family to get a hands on experience making sauce

  10. Care for your fermenting sauces over the next 9 months and share your progress quarterly in Nanyang Sauce Academy Community

Experience a vanishing craft!

Our next Artisan Sauce Making Livestreaming Workshop is on 12th March 2022 10am-12pm

Fee is $100, inclusive of program, materials and local delivery