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Looking for a Unique Gift that will leave an impression?

A truly Made-in-Singapore Gift

With over sixty years of heritage since 1959, Nanyang Sauce is a truly unique gastronomic gift as it uses

our natural resource of abundant sunlight all year round, a key strategic advantage

as sunning is key to traditional soy sauce.


Enjoyed by all in the family

Unlike other gifting items like wine or tea, Nanyang sauce is a sauce that can be enjoyed by all in the family as

it will be used for cooking many meals for the family meaning your recipient will remember and thank you for it

Exclusive & Limited

Being handmade and naturally fermented means Nanyang Sauce is extremely limited in production. It is very hard to find such products in commercial supermarkets and being Natural & Healthy adds to

the allure of this delectable gift for your recipients


Our traditional soy sauce making is environmentally sustainable as we do not use chemical hydrolyze process

to make soy sauce. Instead, we use solar energy in the fermentation of soy sauce and

the entire process from raw soy bean to soy sauce, we have zero waste.

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