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 Nanyang Sauce Academy 
World's FIRST Artisan Sauce Making Workshop
 Where you will Learn how to make your own Soy Sauce 

 Awesome Knowledge and Skills you will Learn in this Program 

Receive an exclusive Artisan Sauce Making Kit

 Identify what is Umami taste and the 5 tastes 

Uncover the Secrets of making traditional artisanal soy sauce

 Find out about the history of Nanyang Sauce 

Have a taste of 5 of Nanyang Sauce's artisanal sauces

 Discover the BIG difference between commercially produced soy sauce versus traditional handmade soy sauce 

Learn techniques how to identify naturally fermented soy sauce

 Realize the difference between the different grades of Soy Sauce 

Enjoy a memorable live workshop experience!

 Care for your sauces over the next 9 months and share your progress