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Curiosity of the Dragon

Doing it illogically is the logical way to set up our Sauce Boutique. We often ask ourselves, what is the best way to showcase the authenticity of the Boutique and be uniquely different from other conventional retail concepts.

We wanted to create a "back-to-the-past" nostalgic feeling for every customer that walk in. The moment they enter our Boutique, deja vu kicks in and they are back to 30 or 40 years ago that brings back fond memories of their childhood.

We engage the 3 senses -visual, audio and scent, to create the ambience.

Audio, we play a selection of 新谣 (xinyao) and other oldies in Hokkien, Cantonese, English, Chinese etc. 新谣 (xinyao) is very close to our hearts as it not only represents Singapore, it also resembles the growth of our country, just like Nanyang Sauce.

To create the scent that attracts many passer-bys, we placed a big dragon vat filled with our soya sauce right at the entrance of our Sauce Boutique. Indeed, the dragon vat has attracted attracted many customers with its umami, salivating aroma.

Nanyang Sauce Boutique is located perfectly near the cross junction between East Coast Road and Still Road. It is a busy, must pass gateway to ECP Expressway and every day, many cars will drive pass or stop in front of our Sauce Boutique. It has created curiosity where passengers would snap photos of our Boutique while waiting for green light. We have customers who cycle past and made a U-turn to check out our Sauce Boutique.

Many of our customers tell us that our shop reminded them of the by-gone days of their childhood when Singapore was in the 70s -90s, a time where life was simpler and relationships between family, friends and neighbours were closer. We hope to create an oasis where the traditional values of the past can be kept alive, where time can stand still in a busy fast changing Singapore.

Come by, have a chat with us and tell us about what you hold dear about Singapore.

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