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Nanyang Sauce Featured on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Documentary

Catch us on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary - Nature of Things. Discover the connection between soy sauce and salt in this episode - Pass the Salt! Hundreds of years ago when salt was a rare commodity, soya sauce was created to stretch the taste of salt as far as possible. In Singapore, Ken Koh and his family use traditional methods to make natural “umami” soya sauce, with a flavour that’s both rich and savoury. First, soybeans, imported from Canada, are steamed for a few hours and coated with wheat flour to start the fermentation process. https://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/features/making-traditional-soya-sauce-is-a-labour-of-love-for-this-family

Nanyang Sauce Boutique Featured in Channel 8 Show

Little Red Dot Detectives 搜密.打卡.小红点 - EP13 Bedok & East Coast 勿洛和东海岸 (Finale 大结局) At Bedok and East Coast, the hosts go beyond the ordinary and explore quirky places, from a traditional Nanyang Soy Sauce Boutique to a fascinating Ant Exhibition ! Come along to discover an exciting Bedok and East Coast adventure ! 你知道吗?原来勿洛的名称与和马来鼓Bedoh息息相关!在勿洛和东海岸区,能找到纯手工酿制酱油的老店,以高科技净化污水的新生水厂,展出世界上最大蚂蚁品种的蚂蚁展览,以及本地的制作鸟笼匠人。这一集,一起去探索勿洛和东海岸丰富的人文历史和趣闻轶事! https://video.toggle.sg/en/series/little-red-dot-detectives/ep13/882923

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